Replacement Potentiometers for Logitech G25 pedals.

These pots are designed to be a direct replacement to the original Logitech G25 pedals. If your pedals are 'spiking' or if you can't get 100% reading chances are your potentiometers are worn out. Potentiometers are a moving part and are only designed to last for so long, they are a consumable part and need to be replaced from time to time to get the best performance from your pedals. Replacing the potentiometers is a far cheaper alternative than buying a new set of pedals.

These are direct replacements for the original potentiometers, there is no modification required to your pedals to fit these potentiometers.

Replacement Potentiometer for Logitech G25 pedals.

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          Replacment G25 Pot
CategoryPotentiometers, Variable Resistors
FamilyRotary - Linear
Power (Watts)0.5W, 1/2W
Resistive MaterialCarbon
Package23.83mm x 11.51mm