How to Install Replacement Potentiometers.

Warning : Disassembling your pedals will void any warrant with Logitech™, this guide is provided for informational purposes only.

Step 1 : Unplug your pedals

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Unplug your pedals

Step 2 : Remove the pedal faces; use a 2.5mm allen key ( hex socket ) to remove all 3 of the pedal faces.

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Remove the pedal faces

Step 3 : Undo the 14 Philips head screws from the underneath of the pedals. ( There are two hidden away under the carpet gripper )

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underneath of the pedals underneath of the pedals

Step 4 : Carefully sperate the two half's of the pedal assembly, there are a further 2 screws holding the wire in place.

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pedal assembly pedal assembly

Step 5 : Disconnect the wires connected to the existing potentiometer, make a note of the order of the wires.

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Disconnect the wires

Step 6 : Undo the 4 bolts on the underside of the pedals holding the pedal assembly to the pedal base.

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pedal assembly to the pedal base

Step 7 : Undo the two bolts holding the spring and face to the assembly.

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bolts holding the spring and face to the assembly

Step 8 : Remove the small clip holding the gearing in place. Tip : Use a small flat head screwdriver to bend the retaining flap up releasing the clip. Then use a pair of needle nose pliers to bend the flap back ready for the clip to be reused.

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small clip holding small clip holding

Step 9 : Undo the nut securing the potentiometer assembly in place, removing the old pot.

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securing the potentiometer securing the potentiometer

Step 10 : Refit and reassemble using the replacement potentiometers. The connectors for the potentiometers can either be pushed on or soldered on.


Replacement Potentiometer for Logitech G25 pedals.

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          Replacment G25 Pot
CategoryPotentiometers, Variable Resistors
FamilyRotary - Linear
Power (Watts)0.5W, 1/2W
Resistive MaterialCarbon
Package23.83mm x 11.51mm