How to Install Replacement Load sensors for AP electrix G25 Mod.

Warning : Disassembling your Load sensor will void any warrant with AP electrix™, this guide is provided for informational purposes only.

Step 1 : Remove the AP load sensor from your G25 pedals. You can follow our disassembly guide HERE , or use the one on AP Electrics web site.

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Remove the AP load cell

Step 2 : Separate the two halves of the sensors, it should just pull apart. Be careful as there is a strong spring acting against the two halves.

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Seperate the sensor

Step 3 : The sensor that needs to be replaced is the small beige foil pressure sensor. It is held in place with a small patch of double sided tape or glue, very carefully remove the sensors. Clean off any glue left behind on the black plastic.

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Seperate the sensor

Seperate the sensor

Step 4 : The sensor just pulls out of the connector and the new one just pushes in, use the suplied double sided tape to stick the sensor in place. Important : The black writting on the sensor goes face down.

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pedal assembly pedal assembly


Replacement Load sensors for AP electrix G25 Mod.
Important - You need to already own the AP Load cell mod for the G25 pedals for this sensor to work - This is not the entire assembly.

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          Replacement Load sensors for AP electrix G25 Mod.
Category Force Sensor
Family Pressure - Linear
Resistance 10.0KΩ
Power 5 VDC
Sensing area 9.5mm
load capacity 25lbs
Package 200mm x 9mm x 0.1mm

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